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Etaples Hospitals 1917


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My Grandfather, Gnr W W Fish was wounded 10 Oct 1917 during the Battle of Poelkapelle. From what I have discovered he was admitted to No 1 Canadian General Hospital,Etaples 10.10.1917 with injuries described on Army Form B104-53 as S W Head [Sev]- I understand this to mean shell wound to the head,either severe or several? I subsequently learned from family members he was injured by counter battery fire and that the metal shrapnel was left in his head, he was 75 when he died with it still in his head, it never affected his quality of life but I do recall him being a gunner was deaf as a post!

The Form goes on to mention 'Adm 6 Con Dep Etaples'- does this stand for 6 Convalescent Depot Etaples?

After recovery/leave he was posted to Base France Havre for the duration, presumably lighter duties as the shrapnel was not removed.

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Sev = Severe


Conv = Convalescent


If you go to Google maps you can find the site of the convalescent depot at the eastern end of Avenue du Blanc Parve. It is roughly bounded by Alle des Argousiers, Alle Bizet and Avenue Francoise Mitterand.



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Thanks for that,another piece of the jigsaw.

Would you have any location info for No 1 Canadian General Hospital? I downloaded the War Diary for No1 Can Gen Hosp but it is not very informative as to location.



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29 minutes ago, Terry_Reeves said:

Hugh, you will find it here.

Terry, Thanks again, that is very interesting especially comparing it to Google Maps.









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