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Lieutenant Colonel Edmond B Cotter DSO


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After success in locating photographs of Lt Cols Morter and Sheppard from my earlier post under  the title "275 Brigade RFA Commanding Officers"  this post concentrates on the above, in the hope that Cotter's name in the title results in the emergence of his photo.  I would then be able to show photos of all WW1 COs in my presentation about 275 Bgde. to the WFA in Lancaster on 2 July.

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charlie962 wrote: 'can I suggest putting RFA in the title'. 


Technically, calling Lt Col Cotter an RFA officer is not correct.  He was commissioned into the RGA and commanded a Heavy Artillery Group during the Great War.  That said, he also commanded an RFA battery and two RFA brigades.  Unfortunately I have been unable to locate a photo of him.

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