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Search photos of seven South African soldiers killed on 10 and 11 November 1918 in Hestrud (F)


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Hello everyone,


In Hestrud (North France) seven soldiers of the South African Brigade were killed on November 10 and 11, 1918. They are buried in the local cemetery.

How to get the pictures of these brave soldiers?
Can you help me please.


Thanks in advance !

Best regards,

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hello from the Somme,

this is a bit far for me, BUT I have forwarded your request on the French forum (we are used to take pictures for others !)

Here : https://forum.pages14-18.com/viewtopic.php?f=85&p=503015#p503015

Wait & see !

kind regards, martine

EDIT : look here esp. bottom of page) : http://www.inmemories.com/Cemeteries/hestrud.htm

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Bonjour Martine,


Merci pour votre intervention via le forum 14-18, j'en fais partie également.

J'ai tout trouvé pour Hestrud (j'habite à 7 km), seul manque les photos des soldats, pas évident...


Bonne soirée et attention aux orages !

Bien cordialement,


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Je reviens vers vous Martine,


Il ne s'agit pas des photos des tombes, mais les photos des soldats S-A lors de l'incorporation.

Degré de difficulté assez élevé sans doute...

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Hi everybody,


I mean how to find pictures of South African soldiers when entering service or later during the war ??
Not the pictures of the graves, I have them.

Thanks a lot for your help!


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I take it that you are looking for images of the seven individuals. It might help if you list their names and details.


South African newspapers would be a good place to start and you may need to contact some researchers in South Africa.


I have found this website useful in the past-




They would be worth contacting.



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Hi Scott,


Yes it is the images of seven South African soldiers that I seek.

These are them on Ralph's site.

That's right for Hines and Thompson.

I contacted him last Sunday, I have to take new pictures of the graves at Hestrud and when I send him I will ask him the question.
Maybe he also has the images of the soldiers ? That would be wonderful !


Thanks for your help.

Best regards,

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bonjour, from what I saw on the CWGC site, they all died on 10/11th Nov. 1918. Do you know in which circumstances ?

(funny : I'm French, so are you - and I write in English ...)

but : amitiés, martine:lol:

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