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Remembered Today:

War memorial renovation. St Luke’s, Lowton.


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I’m wondering if anybody has researched the 38 men and women on St Luke’s war memorial at Lowton, near Leigh, Lancs?

I ask because this morning I removed the 4 brass plates bearing the names of the fallen as part of the ongoing renovation project.

The plates are to be finely bead blasted and then re-waxed prior to re-installation when the masonry is completed.

The one person who stood out was Martha Macintosh (munitions worker). It set me wondering how she met her demise.

if anybody has any information on any of those listed on this memorial I’d be happy to hear.

I no longer have any subscriptions so my search options are limited not to mention bringing up my son (I’m a widower)whilst working full time saps time and energy! (My sons a pleasure, don’t always think the same of work though).

I don’t expect anyone to spend loads of time on this, I merely wondered if the memorial has been researched then the information may already be available.



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https://www.warmemorialsonline.org.uk/memorial/207296 lists her as Bertha.


Bertha McIntosh who died from TNT poisoning contracted whilst working at a National Filling Factory in Morecambe making munitions for battle ships.



courtesy of google search

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Hi Simon,


Golborne, St.Luke's 


Pte.Peter Halsall, full name Peter James Halsall 43771st/4th Batt. South Lancs. regt. My wife's great uncle. Records are on Ancestry

Corporal John Ormshaw, 80020, RGA 190th Heavy Battery," brother in law of great aunt of wife".

Regards Barry.

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Thanks for the above particularly the detail about Bertha (guessed at Martha because I missed first 2 letters on my photo).



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