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WWI era rifle grenade?


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Hi all

I was presented with this today and wonder if  it is WW1 vintage and if so what its origin is.

It weighs 740 grams and has a screw in the top.

My fear is that it might be live!

I know the party line on munitions and will get it looked at by a professional.  In the meantime just looking for background info.

It sits on an A4 sheet of paper





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Its a granaterwerfer it seems.

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The middle and right-hand examples in Tom's post #2 photo are the usual projectiles for the Granatenwerfer 16 spigot mortar.  I'm not familiar with the more rounded projectile in post #1, but it looks interchangeable and is presumably a variant, perhaps for use against a hardened target.  In the later part of the war, German infantry used their smaller calibre grenade launchers/mortars for horizontal direct fire at tanks and strongpoints.

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One thing about these is the possibility of the propelling blank rifle cartridge being live in the tube. Not something to take a chance on.

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