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Lewis Norman Saw - DSM and records search


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I've got the RNAS and RAF record for Lewis Norman Saw. From the record its not obvious to me  which squadron he is with whilst in France. I understand that Coudekerque and Petite Synth are airfields, was the same squadron based at both throughout the war? Where should I look to find out more?

Also his DSM notice in The Gazette says he is an Aircraftsman Grade 2, but it doesn't give any details of why he was given the award. Where can I look that might tell me?

Thanks for any help.






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I think you need to post this in The War In The Air section,where several forum members ,who

are very knowledgeable on the RNAS bomber squadrons ,may be able to help.

The rapid exspansion of The RNAS is quite difficult to follow ,but in regard to your question

5Wing was formed from in March 1916 ,from elements of 1Wing based at St Pol Dunkerque.

These consisted of several bomber aircraft mainly 2 Seaters.

5 Wing set up at Couderkerque and carried out its first mission on 20th March 1916.

On 31st December 1916 it was split into 4 and 5 Sqdrn RNAS,and 4 Sqdrn moved to Petite Synthe.

In April 1917, No 7 Sqdrn equipped with the new Handley Page bombers ,required a large aerodrome,

so No5 Sqdrn moved to Petite Synthe, and No4 Sqdrn moved to Bray Dunes.

So I think your man was in 5Wing, becoming 5 Sqdrn.

Can't help with the medal though!



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