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1865 BS William Caney B. Clk RNR

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I had this sailors WW1 medals given to me 42 years ago by a work collegue who saved them from the dust bin and at that time there was no means of researching him. From his service no. I verified his WW1 medals on Ancestry. The collection consisted of BWM, Victory, 1939/45 Star, Atlantic Star, Italy Star and War Medal together with a photo head and shoulders in uniform wearing a peak cap (WW2?). I was told by the person who gave them to me that William was born abt 1900 and entered the RNR in 1915, served on Prince Charles and troop ship Queen of Bermuda. I would appreciate some advice as I am artillery collector






CPO William Caney RNR 001.jpg

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HIs RNR number was 1865.SB, the prefix 'SB' showing that he joined as a Boy. His WW1 medals were issued in the rating of Boy Cook. He later served as a Trimmer in the Trawler Section. All his original RNR records are held at the Fleet Air Arm Museum. They can provide copies.

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