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Large scale western front map

simon c

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Next year am about to attempt riding the western front top to bottom on my bicycle, having done some sections before following the Tour de France, but not all in one go. To that end am in need of a large scale detailed map showing the line of the western front to plot/plan my route. There are numerous small scale ones about but a wiggly line through Belgium and France on a A4 map is not much help. To that  end does anyone know a producer of said large scale version.

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Or this one, picture showing part of the map.





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I guess therefore you can get that here



GRANDE GUERRE 1914 - 1918
Principales batailles de la grande guerre 1 : 410 000 (1cm = 4.1km)


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That's the one I have purchased to plan the route to Alsace this June. Two wheels as well, but with a 1000cc engine.......

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Available on Amazon £8.13 + postage.



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You need a better map, I strongly reccommend not to ride on the ex"N" (now"D") roads (red roads on Michelin Maps). It's a lot of planning  to do it.

I would suggest you to contact Carl Ooghe, he is a WW1 battlefield guide as well as a cyclist. 

He rides the entire Western Front on his bike and knows all the back roads from Nieuport to the Swiss border.

His website is: http://cyclingthewesternfront.co.uk/index.html

email: carl.ooghe@gmail.com

One day I hope to be able to do it !




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I did something similar two years ago, riding the route of the Circuit des Champs de Bataille (a bike race across the battlefields in 1919). Part of that route involved riding the length of the Western Front from Diksmude to near the Swiss border. A book about the race and my trip will be published next year. There are some photos here: http://www.isitt.org.uk/14.html


It’s quite hard to define precisely where the Front ran, unless you pick a specific date. I would be more inclined to pick the points you want to visit and then join them up with minor roads. An on-line route planner such as www.ridewithgps.com is very useful (it also allows you to use Google Street View to check what sort of roads you’re planning on using). Maybe a version of this: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/18001774


It’s a trip well worth doing, I loved every moment of it.







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