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Career of Frederick Scott before Zeebrugge


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Having just returned from Zeebrugge I have been encouraged to look in more detail at Fred Scott’s Service Record to see whether he was involved in other battles. Fred joined the navy in June 1914 but had been a boy sailor from 1912. I have specifically looked at his service in the regular navy from June 1914 and note that he was serving upon HMS King George V which from my research would seem to have been a ship that suffered from several bouts of unreliability and being a dreadnought seemed to be withdrawn at the first sign of trouble as they were a prime target. He then served at HMS Excellent which was a training establishment before joining Hindustan as an Able Seaman in September 1916 until March 1917 before being transferred to HMS Pembroke, another training establishment. He returned to Hindustan in May 1917 and that is shown as his posting right up until his death on 23rd April 1918.


it makes me wonder whether Fred, having missed out on the action so far in the war saw the chance of some action and volunteered for the raid. Although the Hindustan was the holding ship for the raid, Fred served on it for quite some time before it. We know he was part of the raiding party aboard HMS Vindictive but as expected there is very little to confirm it. Had he only been on Hindustan one assumes he would have remained safe.

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