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cycle platoons

Guest judy

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I am interested in finding out more information about cycle platoons. The individual (a private) I have interest in was part of the cycle platoon of the 4th Middlesex - one formed quite late on the 10 August 1914 just prior to mobilization. Does anyone know if these positions were volunteer or appointed, whether there was additional training or pay.....??....or any other details you would care to impart.

Many thanks.....

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I suspect that your man might have been a member of the 3rd Division Cyclist Company (4th Middlesex were part of this Division). Divisional cyclist companies began to be formed during summer 1914, the idea being that they should operate with the divisional cavalry squadron in the reconnaissance role.

The peacetime establishment was 4 officers and 40 men, but on mobilisation this increased to 101 all ranks. So it is probably then that your man joined from the 4th Middlesex, who may have perhaps provided a complete platoon.

I am not sure that these cyclists were given additional pay but, certainly in the case of the 6th Divisional Cyclist Company, they had to have the Army Certificate of Education 3rd Class and be 1st Class shots.

In November 1914 the divisional cyclist companies became the Cyclist Corps. The Territorial Force also had a number of Cyclist battalions, which were formed prior to the war for coastal defence. They did not become part of the Cyclist Corps.

I hope this helps.

Charles M

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Using the 'search' facility of the Forum for 'cyclist' will bring up quite few contributions on the subject from the past. Some of those may be helpful.

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