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4th Canadian Mounted Rifles 1914-1919

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Just picked up the official history of The 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles 1914-1919. Contains unit history, maps and Nominal Roll & Record of Service of officers, warrant officers, NCO's, and men. Published 1926.

I'll be happy to lookup any information for forum members.


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Hi Garth,

I am trying to obtain information and trench layout for 1st and 4th CMR's for the 2nd of June 1916.

The 1st CMR's were on the immediate left of the 4th CMR's when the Germans attacked.

My great uncle Seargent Stanley Dickey was killed on 2nd of June with the 1st CMR's.

Any information appreciated.


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Hi Robert and welcome to this Forum!

It was a while back that Garth posted this announcement and as far as I know he isn't very active here lately.

It might be a good idea to try to send him a personal message. In the mean time I think you'll find a lot of information about the Battle of Mount Sorrel and the 1st & 4th CMR here.

The online attestation papers of your Great Uncle can be found (if he was born in Belfast, Ireland that is...) here.



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Hi Michael,

I will try Garth with a private message, thanks for the tip.

I joined the CEFRESEARCH site a few weeks ago and it has been of great value. I have probally sifted through most of the Mt Sorrel and CMR subject and obtained lots of good information.

The War Diaries are also interesting and I have copied the relevant pages for June 2nd to 10th for all the CMR's the 8th Brigade and the 3rd Division. The various Canadian Field Ambulances are also full of information.

I have discovered that my uncle's body was recovered from a position on the edge of Sanctuary Wood and between the two front lines, in 1921. He now rests in Ypres Reservoir Cemetery.

The only reason I can think of for his body being between the lines is that he was caught in a mine explosion or that he might have been in a listining post when the bombardment began.

I was searching for information on mining in the area of the 121st Regiment of the Wurttemberg Division front when I discovered this web site.

My great uncle was I think in 'C' Company of the 1st CMR's and if I can find a detailed trench map of trenches 54 to 60 I might be able to place him with more certanity.

I am amazed at the ammount of information available both in the CEF website and The Great War Forum, it is a fantastic resource for anyone looking for information.



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Too bad, I saw the link and the "Leech" attacked - information for the Matrix on the CMR's - not much out there now!

Dutchman, you have a new look - a European AVATAR?

"The Leech"

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