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Remembered Today:

Queen Elisabeth Medal of the Belgians


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I am wondering if the above award was usually listed in the London Gazette? (or anywhere else).

I know what it was awarded for, but there was a Flora (or Florence) Birchall awarded it in 1918.

I presume it was either for nursing wounded Belgians in England, or possibly offering Belgian refugees some hospitality on her very spacious home.

Any suggestions please?



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The award did appear in the Gazette, I can't find your lady (not unusual for me!) but as evidence here is a link


I can only find one other entry for the award which was in 1919 to a WRAF administrator


Seems it was also reported in the local newspapers when they were apparently given to those who had helped Belgian refugees as you suggest.  I can't find these in the Gazette.





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Mrs Flori Birchall, Queen Elisabeth’s medal, came from Cheshire



Comes under the File: FO 372/1110 Treaty: Belgium 1917 held at Kew.


This file comprises the list of awards for the ‘Reine Elisabeth’ medal based on a submission from the Local Government Board and which includes full addresses for most of the nominees.  Approval to accept and wear was covered by the general permission given by the War office to such organizations as Red Cross, St John, YMCA, etc and do not appear in the London Gazette.


This is her Red Cross card which gives quite a lot of info




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Thanks Ken and Peter.

The Red Cross card is excellent. She lived in a 17 roomed house and I had been thinking that she may have been accommodating Belgian refugees there. Not so.



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