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German infantry doctrine at Battalion level 1916


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Is there a German equivalent of Paddy Griffith's work " British battle tactics of the western front"?


I'm looking for a comprehensive guide on how the Germans planned and fought the tactical battle. Does one exist? 

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On this matter, you may also be interested in the following if not already read/gleaned:


Book review of the above by H. Strachen

Review/analysis of said book by www.army.gov.au


Also found, but The Prussian may be best placed to comment on:


Major Stackpole's (West Point) thesis: GERMAN TACTICS IN THE "MICHAEL" OFFENSIVE MARCH 1918 (and book)

Dr. Robert T. Foley's article Breaking Through: The German Concept of Battle in 1918



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The two pdf are very interesting. Unfortunately Gudmundssons book is the only one I have, because there seem to be a few in english language, but I don´t know any good books in german language.

I could recommend the german manual:

Ausbildungs-Vorschrift für die Fußtruppen im Kriege (1917 and 1918)


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