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where were the 15th battalian royal irish rifles on 21.03.18


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Using this Trench Map Coordinates Converter this is the map reference (49.8205, 3.2732).

And this is a trench map dating from November 1917. The location is in the top left hand corner of square 7. I haven't located a map closer to March 1918.


Who was your great grandfather?



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McMasters Collection has a map dated January 1918 (unfortunately this collection does not have the overlay facility detailed above) but there is little material difference.



However it does show the features and trenches mentioned in the Divisional Defence Scheme with perhaps a little more clarity. 


There is information on how to read a trench map on the LLT 



To help you navigate the above see attache screen shot,  it looks like he fell by the railway embankment which on the overlay appears to be near the allotments (if that's what they are!)



Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 17.07.50.png

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