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Remembered Today:

'At the Sharp End' by Tim Cook


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I picked up a large paperback copy of this title today.  It is volume one of a two volume work, published in Canada and devoted to the Canadian army in WW1.

The author was at the time of publication in 2007, the curator of the First World War galleries at the Canadian War Museum.  Volume one covers the war

up to the end of 1916.  Both softcover and hardcover versions of this book are on offer at very high prices on both Abebooks and Amazon, feel 

very fortunate as mine was under a fiver.  It looks like a good account.  Anyone else read it?



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It's an excellent account. Both volumes are well worth the effort. Well researched, and with some more unusual sources, and very well (and attractively) written. At GBP 5 you got a steal!

Kind regards,


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I thought this may have been mentioned elsewhere, as I just posted regards these 2 titles. I need to start buying softcovers, although will always try and buy a hardcover if they exist and not an arm and a leg price.

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Dr. Tim Cook is a well-known and well-respected military historian employed at the Canadian War Museum and an active author on both World Wars.  Sound research and a good writer.  Here are two more books I can recommend.  Borden Battery


Shock Troops - Canadians Fighting in the Great War 1917-1918

Tim Cook, Viking Canada (2008). 

- a required reference text for any student of the Canadian Expeditionary Force


No Place to Run - The Canadian Corps and Gas Warfare in the First World War

Tim Cook, UBC Press (1999). 

- documents poison gas by and on the CEF - will become a classic reference text

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