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Passchendaele Artists Rifles

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I was just wondering if anyone happened to know the exact area the Artists Rifles were located at Passchendaele? Such as Menin Road/Gheluvelt, Zonnebeke, Langemarck, Wijtschate, etc. If you send me a link to a website, That would be just as helpful.

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Welcome to the Forum !


1/28 Battalion London Regiment (Artists Rifles) were a part of 190 Infantry Brigade of 63 RN Division from 28 Jun 1917. According to the Division's notes it fought at 2nd Passchendaele (26 Oct to 10 Nov 1917) schedule below. It had losses during the 29/30 October period at the front at ALBATROSS FARM (D2.d.2.3).

The unit was at IRISH FARM at the beginning of November and moved to POPERINGHE by rail on the 1st for rest and refit.

5th November moved to TUNNELLERS CAMP (map ref F.27.a.0.5) for training and re-org until 11th,

when moved WINNEZEELE (J.11.c.2.7).

12th moved to ARNEKE (I.13.d.2.0)

13th moved to ERINGHEM (A.3.d.3.4) and training until 28th.

29th to HOUTKERQUE (D.27.a.2.0) training until 5 Dec 1917.

The map refs can be accessed from the National Library of Scotland database which has trench maps for WW1.


If you want to read the War Diary it is downloadable for a fee of £3.50 from here:


or you can access it from Ancestry UK, free if you are a member or can look it up in a Library.

You will see that it appears to be a training unit at the time as there are periodic lists of soldiers who have passed training and are drafted as Temp 2/lieutenants to other Infantry units.

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If you PM me your email I will send you a PDF of what I have put together. My GF was with them and I have traced some of their movements.



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Chris McCarthy's excellent book 'Passchendaele, The Day-by-Day Account', says (30th October) that: "The Artists Rifles were holed up near Source Trench. This was South-East of Poelkapelle.

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Tank you everyone that responded! You guys really know your stuff.

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