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A battalion in India unknown 1916


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I'm not sure which battalion this would be, so I've tried to give as much information as I can from the back or front of each postcard.

Battalion just halted in close column prior to wheeling for the march past.JPG

Battalion on church parade Easter Sunday 1916. A company on the front and I'am the left hand man of the company.JPG

Battalion wheeling toget ready for the march past.JPG

Bhowali 2nd rest camp  April 1916.JPG

Bhowali 2nd rest camp from Katgodam.JPG


Brewry Bridge over deep ravine 1st Rest camp.JPG

General Inspection A company.JPG

Ratighat 3rd camp from Kathagodam.JPG

View of Our Bungalow (centre one) I live on the far end.JPG

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Also, I can't see any information from the back of the postcards, was that posted and I'm missing it or is the only info what is on the front?

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there is a site that has the 1914 order of battle for the British army  marksrussianmilitaryhistory.info that appears to be down now. This amy id the unit . I realize a number of regular battalions were sent outside India and were replaced by war raised units.

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There were many British Army regiments in India. See the paged from the January 1917 Indian Army List.



No location is given for the regiment, but a Regimental District number, and a District Number is quoted. From memory, I think someone on this Forum said the Regimental District No was where the Depot in England was, but I could be wrong on this point.


The District number may POSSIBLY be the same as this 1928 map, where Katgodam (Kathgodam) is located in District 7



The only Regiment I can see in District 7 is  1st Battalion, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, but this must be only a possible identification.


More online Indian Army Lists may be found on the FIBIS Fibiwiki page Indian Army List online.






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