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Bottle, water, carrier---Pattern ID


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This is my first venture into British Army equipment.

The top of the bottle is lipped, while the base is flat.

The carrier is made of leather straps (about 4 mm thick x 15 mm wide) riveted together.

The two metal rings are non-magnetic (brass ?).

There is a jury-rigged leather strap (thin) attached to the top cross-strap that wraps around the spout and attaches to the cross-strap at the rear.

This thin leather wrapping is quite fragile, so I cannot unwind it to check for stamps on the underside of the carrier.

I cannot tell what pattern carrier this may be, so what do the equipment collectors think ?




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Carrier, water bottle, with shoulder strap. Most commonly used with the Equipment, Bandolier, Pattern 1903. 

1903 bandolier 009.jpg

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Thank you for the info, and the photo.




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