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AAX and BX artillery ammunition


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The war diary of an ASC MT company dealing with the supply of artillery ammunition says "Sixteen lorries have been loaded, 12 with AAX and 4 with BX, these stand loaded and CRA notifies.....this ammunition to be dumped....


Clearly artillery ammunition but what are AAX and BX.  Thes don't appear in the 1915 and 1918 markings of ammunition tomes found on this site recently nor in my meagre supply of reference books.


Does anyone know (I am aware of the existence of the RA Museum but it is Sunday!).





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BX was the HE shell for the 4.5 inch Howitzer.

AX for 18 pounder HE shell.   Not sure about AAX though,  Anti Aircraft?



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That's great Mike.  My thought, given the different quantities and the 3 to 1 ratio,  was that AAX was related to the 18 Pdrs and BX to the 4.5 in batteries respectively.  Given the paucity of AA effort it seems rather a lot and I'm not sure what the AA effort was in that division (21st).  


Thanks again



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