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ASC markings


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Some may recall, a while back I was looking at producing a book on the markings of ASC units.

The work has now come to fruition as I have approached a publisher who "may" publish the book, if all is well.


The work concerns those markings held by the RLC museum, who have granted me permission to publish them, so I am letting people know that I am about to enter a contract with the publishers.


The book is not a history of the ASC, this has been adequately covered in the excellent book by the late Michael Young, what I do hope however, is it will bring to light some of the insignia seen in black and white photographs of the period, in colour.


The collection some 78 pages with approximately 12 illustrations per page is not complete, with a number of blank spaces. I am not asking at this late stage to gather any more information, I have already had my brain fried in compiling what was already on file.


I look forward to announcing the date this work will be published.


In the meantime, I would like to thank all those interested parties for their help and encouragement.


George Moore 

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Hi Modelmaker sounds interesting. In Michael Young's book there are descriptions of the unit markings but some are missing. Have you been able to find some of the missing ones?

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As you say, Young's book has an appendix of signs, most I have tracked down from those illustrations in the collection. I am still trying to discover what "an Arabian Chortal" looks like !!!

The collection has a lot of blanks, and the issue has been trying to tie in the illustrations with the relative ASC company. I have managed some, but the SBAC units are a minefield trying to sort them out. 

The LLT has been helpful, showing the list of units attached to Divisions etc. Again, many companies were re-formed, combined, transferred etc etc, it would take a team of researchers to do a full study, even then some stuff is missing. 

What I have done, or intend doing is to publish the illustrations held by the RLC, with as much info on which ASC company had the sign. Another problem, unit signs were altered as time went, and I have no reference to timeline, the best example I can use is one unit had a number of different commanding officers, each decided to change the sign, in the end someone decided in the face of all these changes to adopt the question mark.....that was the sign adopted from then on.

As mentioned previously, there are 78 pages in the collection, and this has been supplemented with illustrations from cigarette cards at the time.



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All the best George for all the hard work and research getting the book this far and giving us an up date.




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I have a general request regarding photographs.


Tim Gosling has kindly given me permission to reproduce some of his photographs in the publication, basically ones that show unit markings, I have seen others in the forum on "other equipment", which I would like to include.


I am therefore asking if the owners of these photographs would allow them to be published. I cannot say to whom they belong, just hope "you" can recognise them.

If some are ex IWM, I cannot include them for copyright reasons, plus I would need to re-mortgage my home to pay for them to be published.


Thanks for any help.




Holt Tractor with crew.jpg



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I think if you publish a book, they charge for the inclusion of their photographs.

it used to be reasonable but their new web site no longer publishes "charges". You need to contact them, plus they want to know the number of books to be sold, countries (as there are other charges for world wide distribution).

Last time I looked it was quite expensive, especially as it is a commercial publication.



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