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Moritorium on food parcels in 1917


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In a letter from France to his mother  (http://www.arthursletters.com/ww1-letters-february-1917.html), written on 25 February 1917, the writer refers to a food parcel that has not arrived and assumes this is because of a new rule about exporting tea .  The actual wording is


No, Burn's parcel of tea & biscuits has not arrived, but he has not told me they refused to send it, so I suppose it has been sent, but now after this new rule about exporting tea and other things, there is no chance of any more parcels of that sort being allowed out .... (Sic).


Can anyone expand on this, please?  It seems extremely mean to deprive men of a few home comforts.




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Thank you, Jonathan.  I did wonder if it was as you describe as I could not find any similar comments in letters posted online.  Seems like fake news is nothing new; my thanks again for clarifying the matter.



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