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War Diary for 277 Railway Company Royal Engineers


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My Great Uncle Jesse Lambourne served as a Sapper with the 277 Railway company Royal Engineers in France he was transferred to them from the Railway Operating Division 17 Dec 1917 and was transferred out 13 March 1918. I am a member of Ancestry and wanted to look at the war diary for this unit WO 95/4055/3 however, I have filled in all the information on Ancestry which has come up with 145,187 War Diaries, How do I narrow down the search for the Diary I want? Can any of you experts out there tell me how? I have found other war diaries for regiments, however this seems far more difficult.


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on Ancestry go to war diaries


and just put 4055/3 in the keyword field then search.

that should narrow it down.

view then scroll back & forth to date required




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Thanks for the info I will give it a try.



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I don't think Ancestry have the Lines of Communications diaries uploaded. WO 95/3948 is their last offering. LoC diaries start at WO 95/3949.



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Thanks Phil


I think you are right. I have found it at the National Archives at Kew. So I can go and look at it or download it for £3.50.



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