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Got several papers for one of the ancestors.


Territorial Force - Attestation Paper - 17th County of London Regiment 

Territorial Force - Proceedings on Discharge during the period Embodiment

Proceedings on Discharge

Enrolment Paper - but Enrolment has been crossed out and Record of Service written in

Short Service Attestation Paper


His name was Thomas Tallowin, and from what I can gather he was discharged as being an 'insanity case'.


Can anyone shed light on what the papers relate to?  Thanks in advance.

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Can't access much at present but I'm guessing his records are here on FMP. Two sets, one under 4866 London Regt and another under 6212, both London Regt. Or these maybe different people.


I think your man was born in either Poplar or Barnet? So there maybe two Thomas Tallowins, one died 1919 and the other 1921?


No evidence for overseas service for 4866 or 6212.


Someone else may be able to access his records and reply.


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Hi TEW, thanks for replying.  Got most of the info from Ancestry & Fold3.  Yes, that's him on the link.


Don't think he saw any service, I also think he had a spell in Colney Hatch.


Same person, 383 Wick Road, London listed on all the papers I've mentioned.


DOB, approx 1897.

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looks like he joined up initially into London regiment with number 4866 on 26/6/1915, embodied into the 17th Battalion the same day and then discharged the same day KR392 Para i, References on enlistment being unsatisfactory. For some reason his discharge was not finalised until Oct 1915, perhaps this is just for pay purposes. Yes, it does say insane. Also he claimed to be 19 years and 2 months old.


He was then called up for service (conscripted) exactly a year later 26/6/1916 into the same regiment and battalion with new number 6212. He was discharged a month (32days)  later 27/7/1916 KR392 Para XVI -insanity case. This time he claimed to be 18 years and 2 months old.


A medical board held 10/7/1916 says Originated at Stratford in childhood, not result of or aggravated by military service, permanent, no incapacity.


He appears to have died in March 1919 but there is a note about pensions in March 1922 which has a small handwritten note that may say certificate in care of son or certificate re case of son.



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Goodness TEW, thank you so much.  That's really interesting.  Where did you find out the date of his death?


I wonder what was wrong with him.  



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