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11167 Sgt J (John) Glennon, 8th Batt, S Staffs


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The above is the grandfather of a friend. I have found out that he died of GSW to back & rt arm at 01-30 on the 9th Feb 1916 at Remy Sidings CCS. I also know he was buried the same day at Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, Belgium. I have been unable to find out when, where or how he sustained the GSW. I would appreciate any help. Thank you.


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Headstone pic here




I would guess he was wounded on 8 February 1916 whilst in the trenches at Verbrandenmolen. This is the only day the WD mentions any casualties for a time,


8/2/16 -  A quiet morning. At 3pm we bombarded enemy with rifle grenades. They retaliated with grenades and whizbangs. 6inch artillery active from 3.30pm to 4.15pm. Casualties 2 wounded.





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GSW can mean gun shot wound or shrapnel. From what Graeme has said probably the latter.

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