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Artillery Shell case


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Yesterday I've got a hold of this nice shell.

I think it was of a 21 cm morser (not sure).

Can anyone give me some more info of the markings of this shell please?

I've searched the net but i can't seem to find a picture of the projectile. How does it look?

Has anyone a picture of the projectile?




27-01-2018 (8).JPG

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I wonder if it would be a Heavy Minenwerfer case, the gun mentioned in 4th Gordons post of 28 Nov '17.  At any rate I have a similar appearing (need measurements) case marked: RhMF Febr 1918 DUSSELDORF.  I think Rhine Metal became DWM at some date which I have forgotten.  At any rate, mine has been "trench arted" with a neat Belgian Lion crest

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I don't think the minenwerfers used brass cases for the propellant, certainly they were initiated by a screw in friction igniter. The case looks like a 21cm Morser case to me. There is a computer generated image of the projectile on this page http://www.passioncompassion1418.com/decouvertes/english_fusees_3D.html


Some way down under GRZ 04.

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Try http://www.kaisersbunker.com/cc/cc10.htm for the 21cm Morser with cartridge dimensions - there is a clear image of the projectile. German artillery

used cartridge cases for obturation since the sliding breech blocks didn't gas seal the breeches adequately.


The larger Minenwerfers used bagged propellant and were muzzle loaded and electrically fired. The Minenwerfers were not safe to be around when fired

because they used cheap explosive in the projectile which could explode prematurely.



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