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German Binoculars and Case Captured in 1918

Kimberley John Lindsay

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Dear All,

For general interest, I attach a well-preserved pair of German binoculars and Binoculars_1_small.jpg.c5dfda54af91f4717f811c8836b0b3f3.jpgBinoculars_2_small.jpg.1dadc84c6cb359be9f003f6ad679c462.jpgBinoculars_3_small.jpg.10a51686a9e4b585cefa62744e5f1b83.jpgBinoculars_4_small.jpg.b888fcef1bf5784093a5f0e14714e3e3.jpgBinoculars_5_small.jpg.fa4da8ca6941a140caa50045ed165760.jpgBinoculars_6_small.jpg.dcabe0112a0e38e85cf8c5e80dce886e.jpgBinoculars_7_small.jpg.a448ca5ccd47cfd8a11d8b093f509f23.jpgcase in my collection.

These were apparently captured (or simply picked up) on 28 October 1918. Interestingly, the original owner had scratched his initials on the case...

Kindest regards,


Edited by Kimberley John Lindsay
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Sorry not German but Austrian KuK mle  08/13  with micrometer. Produced by Karl  Zeiss in Vienna.


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