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Photo - Officers 1st Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers


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Recently obtained this original group photo listed on EBay as 'Unidentified'. Helpfully, found a named version via the regimental website. Having looked at the Army Lists, there are some mistakes there in the ranks, names....and the year given of 1914 on the website image appears to be too late as Maj Blennerhasset - who is present - retired at the end of June 1913. So I guess the image dates to the first half of 1913. Anyway, listing the names here in case anyone wants a crop of a particular individual. The ranks given are those held at the time of the photo. 


Lt Col Annesley John Hancocks

Maj Ernest Blennerhasset 

Maj Francis George Jones

Maj Stafford James Somerville

Capt Thomas Andrew Dunlop Best

Capt George Woodward Willock

Capt James Alexander Armstrong

Capt James Norman Crawford

Capt William Pike

Capt George William Kenny

Capt Edward William Atkinson

Lt & Adjt McDonald Freer Hammond-Smith

Lt Tom Hamilton Cockburn-Mercer

Lt John Ralph Congreve Dent

Lt Robert Hugh Beresford Humphreys

Lt Hugh Lefroy Crofton

Lt Henry Waite Dickinson

Lt John Johnston Kirkpatrick 

Lt Richard Brian Shubrick

Lt Gerald Robert O'Sullivan 

Lt Henry Stewart Edden

2Lt Dermott Arthur Maurice McManus 

2Lt Edward Wetherall Hunter Raymond 

2Lt Algernon Fane Keane Penrose


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