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Interpretation of service record - RNAS

Phil Wood

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Researching Harry George Lovelock, DSM. His rank was AM1, RNAS - but his job was Air Gunner, as which he got the DSM (London Gazette, 2/11/1917) and subsequently died 22/03/1918.


Below is a segment of his service record covering his time in France.


He enlisted as a boy in 1913, immediately before his 18th birthday he trained as an Air Mechanic. On his birthday he signed on for 12 years and was graded AMII. The following day (1 Aug 16) he was posted to 3 Wing in France - where this segment starts.


I have a number of queries:


Q1.  Would the stint at Crystal Palace (May/Jun 17)  relate to retraining as a gunlayer or air gunner?


Q2. What do the numbers alongside postings mean - eg 1415 35094 below?  I assume they relate to a muster roll - but that's pure guesswork.


Q3. I am also guessing that the posting to Pembroke II from 14 Oct 17 to 31 Oct 17 means he was sent to Eastchurch to serve his 14 days detention - am I right?


Q4.  As far as I can tell Lovelock served with 5 Squadron and then 2 Squadron - could the reverence to (Dunkirk No 2) relate to a posting to 2 Squadron?

Q5.  Can anyone read the posting between 2 & 20 Nov? Or the words inserted between this and President II above? Crystal Pal perhaps?


Q6. Was the change from President II (Dunkirk) to Daedalus (Dunkirk) purely administrative?


Thanks for reading this far and for any help you can offer.





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Your question no 5, service between 2 20 November_ I read this name as Tregantle an RNAS base at Plymouth



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Okay, I've looked it up.  An old fort used as a store - I guess this is somewhere to keep him occupied while they decided what to do with him.

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