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Searching other than Ancestry & FMP


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Does anybody have a search facility other than Ancestry and FMP for WW1?

if so could you have a look for 

Dvr 62366 Edward Tyler, Royal Field Artillary.


and see if he is there please?


i have his medal and card index but that's all.


please don't copy any of the files onto here. It's not allowed.

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I've looked and he isn't there but I cannot tell you where I looked **?? basically checking casualty and hospital lists!


Edit- **FWR and Genealogist

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I have had a look in a few places with no result. Included Absent Voters List etc but you hav provided no other data to ID your subject, age/residence etc. I was able to find another RFA Man with a nearby number and the same landing date, but no papers for him either.

Looking at date of entry into war Zone,France 31.8.1915, could be almost any unit which had travelled before and for which he may have been in a draft, apart from this there seems only two Divisions with a landing date in this vicinity, 23 which landed between 21-26 August, and 24 which landed from 26th onwards.

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what exactly are you looking for ? there are loads of places to look

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Just to help members -and save duplication of effort - Here is a link to the previous topic on this chap.





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Steve thanks I did look the other day and looked today on FMP but nothing. I know it’s duplicated but wondered if anybody else had any differing views. Which it has showed they did and they did not make comment on previous link. 

Thanks again chaps 

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