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Deleful Post Rossnoy


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I am looking into Allan Leonard Lewis VC as a supporter of the memorial fund trying to raise funds to erect a statue to him in September 18

The Ancestry.co records him as KIA 21/9/18 place Deleful Post near Rossnoy. Hehasno know grave but is commorated on the Vis-en-Artois Memorial. I hope to visit the Somme later this year and would like to visit the area around Deleful Post, does anyone have any idea as to where this location is today? Or any information about what was going on he served with the 6th Northampton’s.


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There is a 'Doleful' post,  just northeast of Ronssoy, which sounds like it could be the place described.  I've attached a trench map extract showing the area.  I make the coordinates as 62c.F.17.b.6.6.  I found a conversion project at http://rdf.muninn-project.org/TrenchCoordinates.html?q=50.379380,2.774023 that places the physical coordinates at  at 49.9913, 3.1890.  That should give a good idea in Google maps.  The trench map used is Wiancourt, Parts of 57c.SE, 57b.SW, 62c.NE and 62b.NW available from http://digitalarchive.mcmaster.ca/islandora/object/macrepo%3A4074/-/collection



Doleful Post.png

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That’s brilliant and thank you I’m sure you are right and it will help me very much.



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