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I have a WW1 1916 Dated Large Pack with a 3 SWB stamp on it and the name C M Y Trotter.  There was an Ernest Trotter in the SWB later moved on to 3 other regiments.  The Large Pack has survived because 3 SWB were a Trg Bn   CMY Trotter was a 2nd Lt Royal Engineers in WW2.  I am trying to see if the Ernest Trotter was his father ? Any help would be appreciated a long shot I know.


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I think CMY Trotter is probably Charles Maitland Yorke Trotter born Uganda 1923. Father James MY Trotter. Dies Surrey 2003

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James Maitland Yorke Trotter commisioned to General List in 1910 . His MIC shows him in 1914 in Uganda Volunteer Reserve


Bristol Museum has info on him


James Maitland Yorke Trotter (generally known as Maitland) took up his first post with the Department of Land and Surveys in Uganda in 1912, after graduating from Cambridge. After a break for war service he returned to the colony, where he later met Margaret Duncan


Charles Maitland Yorke Trotter from 4 1/2 years old." It appears to continue the series which begins with 2001/090/2/2/1/4, suggesting that a book 2 is missing. The pictures show the Trotter family and friends on holiday in Toro, Uganda, and a large number of images of Charles at children's parties, social events for colonial ...


1. There is no way that his son CMY Trotter could have been in WW1


2. CMY Trotter is such a unique name that one would not think there would be two of thewm knocking around


3. As far as I can see JMY Trotter has no connection with SWB


4. It is "difficult" to connect CMY Trotter with SWB in 1916 :-9



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