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Sam Browne Open Top Holster


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Having just joined the forum I have a couple of questions. I have a small collection of Sam Browne belts of different ages and styles along with ammunition pouches, frogs and holsters. My first question relates to an open top holster. This one unlike others I have seen has not got a retaining strap and brass stud, it is completely ‘open ‘. It has the belt loop and fairlead at the rear and bill hook for fastening to the belt. No makers marks or dates. Is this an early pattern? Size wise, it would best take a Webley Mark V .38 as opposed to the large Mark VI .45.

Secondly, some of my belts are dated and some not, how do I date them? Are there certain features that date them that I need to look for?

 I will endeavour to add some photos.

Many thanks in anticipation.



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The holster looks like a field converted variant that has had the flap removed

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As Sam Browne belts and equipment where usual private purchase they are difficult to date as they are regularly not date stamped. Earl  belts are usually the double strap variety with two shoulder straps, there are interim style belts with a slider to facilitate the use of a second strap. 




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