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3rd Middlesex -1911 census


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Does anyone know if the 1911 census returns for this battalion in India were listed by Company? Basically, I'm after finding out who were the B Coy officers at the time of the census - so if anyone has access to that info I'd appreciate it. 



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1911 Census for Military Overseas seems to have data for units by the Company. 3 Battalion Middlesex were posted to Straits Settlements (Singapore/Malacca and a couple of islands in the vicinity) for 1911,according to the publication below.  1 Battalion were in India. There is a thread here about accessing the data. Topic 196781. I leave it to you to find.

Also Hart's Army List for 1911 has some officers listed (See pages 470 to 473 where the first 4 Battalions have their number against an officers name) but not Companied:




Now  noticed from the Topic 196781 that there is a list for 3 Battalion in India, so may have been a split year for the unit,some in Singapore some in India. Can't get past a summary page for each Company, even though it says there are several pages on the header page, so you may have to see what you can expand upon there.


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