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Birmingham university 1st Southern Military Hospital

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Chancellor's Court at the University of Birmingham, complete with Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower (world's tallest freestanding clock tower apparently, named after the University's first Chancellor). Nice picture!

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The University was able to make the accommodation available because the slow process of moving the University, originally Josiah Mason College, Edmund Street, in the city centre, had only just begun, with this first stage of the Edgbaston campus opened in 1909. The University continued on the old site, which was not finally vacated until the 1960s, well after not only WW1 but also WW2.


Joseph Chamberlain, Mayor of Birmingham, MP and Colonial Secretary, was also the father of Sir Austen, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Foreign Secretary, and of Neville, Prime Minister. Big Joe, in hiis honour, like Big Ben, is still a major landmark.

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