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I wonder if anyone can help me to interpret the medal card details and if possible to find more details of the theatres in which my ancestor, Pte John Andrew Cole served?  He survived WWI and was discharged at the end of the war.

From his medal card, I have the following information:

Northumberland Fusiliers; Pte; No. 23040

Theatre of War First served in: (2B) Balkans

Date of Entry therein 30/11/15

And details against medals are:  Victory;Roll 0/1/105B16; Page 3187 (ditto for British) and 15Star;Roll 0/1/18B;Page 933


From an entry in FindmyPast based on transcriptions by Graham Stewart it appears that (i) John Andrew Cole also has an entry in St. George's Gazette; (ii) cause of discharge was 'KR Para 392(xxv)a'.  Any help in understand these references would also be most helpful.


Both items are also attached.  Many thanks for any clarification that can be provided!


JA Cole WWI Medals.jpg

JA Cole Military Records.pdf

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This link http://www.longlongtrail.co.uk/soldiers/how-to-research-a-soldier/ from the web site "The Long Long Trail" gives tips on researching a soldier, one of the sub topics is "How to interpret a Medal Card", another is "Silver War Badge", the latter has a list of codes that relate to reasons for discharge, including "KR Para 392(xxv)a".



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Hi Wendy,


Welcome me to the forum. Good advice from Sam.


Your ancestor likely served in 2nd Battalion NF who served in Salonika (Balkans) from late 1915.


St George’s Gazette is the NF Regimental Magazine and, amongst other occurrences, it lists serving NF personnel who were wounded.


The KR Para 392 reference denotes the section in Kings Regulations under which your ancestor was discharged - probably due to the effects of either sickness or wounds. Have you searched Ancestry to see if he was awarded a Silver War Badge? If he has a SWB Record it will record his date of enlistment and discharge.


Graham Stewart is a forum member. He shared his extensive NF database with FMP. If you amend your topic title to include Northumberland Fusiliers Graham may visit your topic with any more information he may have.


Good Luck



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Thanks Sam and Steve for your rapid and very helpful replies.  I will look for evidence of a Silver War Badge and amend my topic title as suggested.  Much appreciated!!!


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