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124 Brigade RFA unit diary


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I have the 124th Brigade RFA  unit diary but am not an expert on these documents and wonder if someone might be able to help me.  I have attached the 2 pages of the diary and the 2 maps that go with them.  

What I should like to know, if it is possible to work out from the information given, is where D battery 124 Brigade were and what they were doing.  Is it possible to locate their position on a modern map and where would I get that modern map from?

It was on this day, 4 November 1918, that my grandfather, who was with D Battery,  was wounded.  We would like to visit the area this year to pay tribute to him.

Any help will be very gratefully received.

Kind regards.







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having also looked at http://maps.nls.uk/view/101465047


it seems the map in the diary is not in the collections.

on the left of your pic/map you can see Le Quesnoy but both Mcmaster and NLS only have the map as linked above, where Le Quesnoy is on the right hand side

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From the Diary page it refers to "D" battery to S.9.c

I think approx. here on your barrage map, and my best guess somewhere in the middle of google map



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Dear Jon

Thank you so much for your help. Through your assitance and expertise I shall be able to visit, along with my 2 brothers, the area where my grandfather was wounded in November 1918.  This is something that is greatly appreciated by the 3 of us and also by my very elderly father and my aunt who would love to be able to join us but are not now physically fit enough,

Kindest regards and renewed thanks.

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