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Uniform Idenification Help Please


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Hi folks,


Need help, any help to try and identify this uniform, regiment etc.

The picture was found in some family stuff and is very thick almost like a postcard, but is blank on the back.



Any help whatsoever would be great, I am really stuck but perhaps if I knew the regiment it would be a start.


Thank you

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I agree with Max that the man shown is an artilleryman, the cap badge is unmistakable. He wears the waist belt from 1903 bandolier equipment which suggests the mounted duty of Field or Horse artillery and not the heavy, Garrison artillery, although he does not wear spurs and chains.

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Thank you so much for the info, it is a great help.


I suspected that he had to be one of my 4 Great Grandfathers, 2 I know a little about, one was in the Royal Scots and another was in the 14th Hussars, the other two I had no idea about.

This info will now help me to possibly narrow down the search to a specific regiment when searching them.


Thank you once again.

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