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The paddler steamer DUCHESS OF RICHMOND was lost in the Aegean when she hit a mine on June 28, 1919 while on minesweepin operations. Two persons lost their lives.

Can anyone provide a more accurate position of her sinking?

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Details of the wreck should be available here https://www.wrecksite.eu/wreck.aspx?58456.  using the 'download' feature for a charge of £3.21.  I haven't used this site since it introduced the charge for downloading, so can't comment on what you get for your money, but will say that before the charge was introduced its information was usually useful and, if the example file given for the SS Montgomery (available once 'download' clicked) is typical, that supplied now appears to be comprehensive but will clearly vary from wreck to wreck . 





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Agreed; it looks like just south if Imbros

There was plenty of minesweeping to do in this area at that time

This is about where the Goeben and Breslau were caught in January 1918; the Goeben received holes from three different mines and the Breslau was sunk by mine (or mines - Usborne in his 'Smoke on the Horizon' says five)

The Naval History Net shows two other minesweepers sunk by mines in the Aegean at about this time plus another naval vessel sunk by a mine in the Dardanelles, also after the armistice.

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David Hepper's "British Warship Losses" has: "Employed clearing Allied mines at the entrance to the Dardanelles, in the vicinity of 40N 25.50E."

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