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P. Kane 1817 1/6th Black Watch


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I have found reference to a P. Kane 1817, 1/6th Black.


The Perthshire Advertiser from 22/12/1915 reports hin in a list of wounded


He is again reported wounded in the Dundee Courier of 19/12/1916. 


I have also found him referenced in a FMP collection entitled 'First World War Soldiers' Medical Records'.


Born in Stirling, a Peter Kane is listed as residing in Perth in the 1901 and 1911 census.


However, I cannot find an MIC for him nor any mention in the lists entitled to 1914/15 Star or British War/Victory Medals.


Perthshire Advertiser: 22.12.1915



Dundee Courier: 19.12.1916

Kane 2.jpg


First World War Soldiers' Medical Records

Kane 3.jpg

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Not found his MIC as yet, but we might be looking for a post 1917 six digit number..


But from FWR, which ties in nicely with the courier date..?  Note the 1/5th Btn reference.


First Name:P

Surname: Kane

Index Number of Admission: T13946

Rank: Private

Service Number: 1817

Ailment:Sprained back accidental. S.

Date of Admission for Original Ailment: 17/11/1916

Date Transferred to Sick Convoy: 19/11/1916

Notes written in the Observations Column:To No. 12 Ambulance Train.

Notes written by FWR when Transcribing:S noted in Disease column = Sick.

Regiment: Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)

Battalion: 1/5th (Angus and Dundee) Battalion

Other unit info:51st Division


First Name: P

Surname: Kane

Age: 31

Index Number of Admission:771


Service Number: 1817

Years Service: 2 years 4 months

Months With Field Force: 1 year 8 months

Ailment: Sprained back

Date of Admission for Original Ailment: 13/11/1916

Date Transferred to Other Hospitals: 17/11/1916

Number/Designation of Ward: 2/1st Highland Field Ambulance

Notes written in the Observations Column: 50th Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps.

Religion: Presbyterian

Regiment: Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)

Battalion: 1/6th (Perthshire) Battalion

Other unit info:51st Division




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Is the 1/5th entry an error? The others indicate 1/6th.


The second entry suggests 1 year 8 months with the Field Force. This would take it back to March 1915 but the 1/6th B. W. went to France in May, 1915 -

or is this 'approximate' ?

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I think it might be, 


As well as the 1915 (which on FWR has record for a Wound Stripe entitlement) and Dec WO casualty listings, he was also reported wound on a August 1916 WO casualty list under Wounded Shell-Shock...


The MIC is puzzle as the 14-15 star should listed under his pre 1917 number....He is bit like my Dvr Timothy Shepherd...evidence to suggest overseas service but no visible MIC or Roll.






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He may be listed on another regiments rolls for his 1914-15 star and BV&WM entitlement, without his previous service noted on his MiD.


If you have Ancestry access, have a look at this Peter S. Kane's medal roll info and see if it could be him. The date of arrival in theatre is about the same time as when the 6th B.W. arrived.

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Hi Derek, agree with the former idea, however with the later the 1st and 2nd (400th & 401st) Highland Field Coys landed in France on the 3rd May 1915.



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I found a pension card for Peter Kane (born 1887) residing at 117 Canal Crescent, Perth which corresponds with the 1920 Electoral Roll as he was residing there with his sister Mary.


This shows Kane as No. 311130, Royal Army Medical Corps. His MIC does not provide he was previously in the Black Watch and error with date of entry of 02/06/1915 rather than 02/05/1915.


The circumstances are the same as a previous post relating to Andrew Majury





MiC a.jpg

Pension 2.jpg

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