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Where will I find if family are classed as Illigal Aliens


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Looking at Howard Gabriel Bohn who joined up as George Harry Bond and was trying to find if his family were classed as illigal 

father Thomas William Bohn died 1919

mother Debriugh Bohn.           Died 1941


where will I find this info please? 

Sorry this might not be the right terminology maybe enemy of the state?????

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It’s not easy, although some records have survived.  The largest internment camp in both WW1 and WW2 was Knockaloe on the Isle of Man.http://www.knockaloe.im/

TNA has some records http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/help-with-your-research/research-guides/internees/


It’s almost certain they were interned as enemy aliens at the outbreak of the war, there are well documented accounts of furniture vans being used to transport Germans to various detention centres, but not all records have survived.




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I've done a quick Ancestry search to investigate this. I think that Howard was born about 1894 in Warminster. His father Thomas was born Croydon, his mother Deborah (née Mattingley) was born in Chippenham. By 1901, they were living in Hull where Howard was employed by the railways.
Thomas's mother was Jane Finlayson Kenyon, an Army captain's daughter born in Jamaica, who married William Bohn in 1851. William's father was Julius Jacob Bohn, born in about 1813, a page in the Royal Household. His father was Christian Bohn (Howard's great-great-grandfather) and judging by years of birth, I think it was Christian that arrived in England from Prussia in 1826 and the age of 43. That last bit may be inaccurate, but my deduction is that the Bohn family had lived in England for generations and there was no reason to consider them as 'aliens'. If you want to investigate the family in more detail, you might join a family history site.

In WW1, it was common for people with German-sounding names to change them, often for a similar English-sounding equivalent, as 'some anti-German feeling led to infrequent rioting, assaults on suspected Germans and the looting of stores owned by people with German-sounding names' (Wikipedia). King George V changing from  Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to Windsor, and the Battenbergs becoming the Mountbattens are the most obvious examples, and there is another in my own wider family.

I conclude that unless you have any additional information, Howard changed his name on enlistment simply to avoid antipathy in the Army. It seems that the rest of the family remained as Bohn.

So I can check this, did Howard marry, when did he die and do you have his service details?


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Christian Bonn  should be listed at the Nat Archives Kew, as an immigrant, not sure what these lists are called but I know they exist.


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Howard's brother - Gilbert Wallace Kenyon Bohn - served in the Great War. Death registered in 1978 as Gilbert Wallace K Bond.

Howard's brother - Philip George Bohn - served in the Great War. Death registered in 1963 as Philip G Bohn.

Howard's Brother - Harold Thomas Bohn died in 1921.




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Ah, I've got him: 18500 Pte George Harry Bond 2/Wiltshires, died of wounds 10/04/17. Personal effects to mother Deborah.


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