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Help, Aussies! Seeking photo of CSM Falloon


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I would be grateful if anyone could point me in the direction of any known photograph - other than the one in the AWM - of CSM 27 Edward John Falloon, of Richmond (Vic) who was KIA on 10 April 1918. He was, at the time, with 1 Australian Army Troops Company of the Royal Engineers.


[I already have service record, war diary etc].


As an aside, the photo that is at AWM is from the Thuillier collection, yet AWM claim copyright. I have asked them to explain this, and will update this post if/when I hear.



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I think they bought the actual glass plate negatives so are now the owners of the collection.  I'm not completely up to scratch on the tangled web that comprises copyright law but perhaps ownership provides them with that right.



Tim L.

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I have received this informative response from AWM. Thought it may be useful for others.


"You are correct in assuming that under Australian copyright law, the below mentioned image would be deemed in the public domain. However, the Thuillier collection was donated to the Memorial by Kerry Stokes AC (Australian Capital Equity Pty Ltd (ACE)) with a very specific usage agreement in place. ACE purchased the collection from a private source in France, including copyright ownership, and hence claim copyright in the photographs (despite the provisions of the Berne Convention). While the Memorial does not concede to that claim, we are bound by our agreement with ACE to provide the images to the Australian public under licence."

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