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18th Division

Guest royhills

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Yes, there is an 18th Eastern Div history, which you should be able to track down from specialist dealers etc who sell second-hand military books.

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"The Eighteenth Division in the Great War" by G.H.F. Nicholls was printed by W Blackwood and Sons in 1922.

It is one of the rarer Divisional Histories and commands a very high price. I have been looking for a copy for some years. A reprint is long overdue.

I have borrowed a copy on the Inter Library Loan Service. There is also a copy in the Royal Military Academy Library, Sandhurst.

I do have a copy of General Sir Ivor Maxse's biography, he was in charge of the 18th Division from its inception until the end of 1916. I also have the 54th Brigade history, they were part of the 18th Division.

If you let me know what your interest is I may be able to help, as I have taken a particular interest in this division over quite a few years.



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Guest Hill 60

About 5 years ago I asked the Naval & Military Bookpress if they were going to reprint this book and they said yes, but in about 5 years time. So, maybe it is now about time for it to come out.

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Originals of the divisional history fetch £150+ these days; the N&MP reprint is due later this year. I suspect it will be around £40-50, and I hope it includes the excellent maps found in the original.

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