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Remembered Today:

Kitchener's death plaque for sale !


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Take a look on Ebay, Item # 2175765183

Apparently Kitchener's death plaque and scroll is for sale !!!!!!!!! I would have thought his medals/plaque etc would have been in a museum somewhere ? Cheers Neil.

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Guest Hill 60

I always thought they were at the National Army Museum, in London. Maybe I'm wrong as I can't recall seeing them when I was there last.

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To my knowledge there are at least 4-6 Kitchener Memorial Plaques in existance. I once had two of them in my hands (but sadly not in my collection!) at the same time!! They all appear genuine; quite why there should be so many, I do not know.

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And at 5 thousand squid, not sure i want to :D

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Guest Ian Bowbrick

Guilty - this guy is selling it on my behalf. Next week he will be putting up another couple if items of mine including T E Lawrence's DSO, Mick Mannock's VC and King George V's trenchart box matchbox holder..................any questions please mail me off forum.


( :lol: )

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The plot thickens further as I inquired as to the provenance, and the seller responded with a detailed listing, which follows...

AND, Moriarty...the medals do exist, but were reissues after his death. ;)

NOW - I wonder what member of the Kitchener family actually sold them in the first place and WHY???

Given the plethora of Memorial Plaques to HIMSELF, I have my doubts...

the natural skeptic,




Currently owned by R and M International, P.O. Box 6278, Bellevue, WA 98008-0278 USA

e-mail: surlamer86@prodigy.net


Purchased from Greg Morton collection

Greg Morton, private collector, OMSA member, retired Los Angeles Police, retired US Marine Corps Officer


Purchased from Steve Johnson, owner of WorldWide Militaria Exchange Inc., P.O. Box 745, Batavia, IL 605l0 USA

e-mail: sales@wwmeinc.com

Steve Johnson is also partner in the medals auction firm Floyd, Johnson and Paine Inc.


Purchased from Raymond D. Holdich International, 7 Whitcomb Street, London, WC2H 7HA England

e-mail: rdhmedals@aol.com


Purchased from Kitchener Family next-of-kin


Received items issued by British Government to next-of-kin



Lord Kitchener’s original full-size medals were lost at the time of his death with the sinking of H.M.S. Hampshire. There were a number of medals issued to Lord Kitchener after his death. These were received by his next-of-kin and are the only original surviving medals.

A complete set of official replacement medals to Lord Kitchener is on display at the Royal Engineers Museum.

Raymond D. Holdich International originally purchased six items of Lord Kitchener:

#1 King’s South Africa Medal (formerly of Greg Morton collection, now with private US collector)

#2 1914-15 Star (last known to be owned by private British collector)

#3 British War Medal (last known to be owned by same private British collector as #2)

#4 British Victory Medal (sold by Dix Noonan Webb, Auctioneers, 1 Old Bond Street, London, W1S 4PB England, on May 6, 1992, Lot #222, and last known to be owned by same private British collector as #2 and #3).

#5 Death Plaque (used as illustration in The Medals Year Book 1993, page 87, and The Medals Year Book 1995, page 87, provenance above, currently owned by R and M International)

#6 Memorial Scroll (provenance above, currently owned by R and M International)

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