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Mullaly Brothers - Indian Army

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My research on Stratford Boat Club has expanded to include the local RFC. Thy have a Lost XV. 15 men killed in WW1

One of which is Charles Mylne Mullaly. Following Ancestry, FMP and FWR leads he is the son of Sir Herbert Mullaly who had some part in coastal defences during WW1.

Charles had 3 brothers. Charles and all his brothers became professional soldiers.

Capt Charles Mylne Mullaly  was killed 9/5/15, 2nd King Edwards Own Gurkha Rifles

His younger brother Frederick Terence Hastings Mullaly died in Iraq 21/4/17, 6th Gurkhas

His elder brother Herbert (H?)  Mullaly died 19/1/20 I think on the NWF with 9th Gurkhas

None have a known grave.

A 4th brother Brian Reginald Mullaly survived and lived until 1965.

Any info not obvious on the above sites, or any pics most welcome

Be careful with the family tree on ancestry. It contain errors. CMM is confused with a man of the same name who is a Civil Servant in India

Many Thanks

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Capt Charles Mylne Mullaly was killed at the disastrous Battle of Aubers Ridge (see here in The Long, Long Trail) - the 2/2 Battalion (19th Indian Brigade, 7th Indian Division) war diary is here on Ancestry (if you have or can get access) or here at the National Archives for a small fee. He was killed at the very start of the offensive, after having been wounded. A later entry states: "The bodies of Capt Mullaly and Lieut Collins were never found, they must have been destroyed by shells".



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Thanks for that Mike. Much appreciated. 

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