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Online article: Richmond Park’s South African military hospital

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The National Archives blog: 

Richmond Park’s South African military hospital




The South African Military Hospital opened on 28 June 1916 on a site close to the Cambrian Gate in Richmond Park.  The hospital was opened after a prominent group of South Africans living in London formed a committee to raise funds for the establishment of a hospital, and for supplying general comforts to the soldiers.


Although under the control of the War Office, the hospital managed to preserve its identity in that almost all of the staff came from South Africa. The medical staff consisted of 13 officers of the South African Medical Corps (SAMC) and 11 civilian practitioners who, for various reasons, were not eligible for commissions in the SAMC.  The nursing staff belonged mostly to the QIAMNS Reserve or to the South African Military Nursing Service, and consisted of a Matron, two Assistant Matrons, 23 Sisters, 55 Staff Nurses and 88 probationers (most of whom were South African).

The matron was Alice Purcell.


The hospital closed in 1921


A comment at the bottom of the article says

Just outside the park gates in Richmond Cemetery is the South African Memorial opened by General Smuts. Also the graves of those who died in the hospital.




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