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I recieved a 75 mm French shell casing from my step mothers father who brought it back after ww1. it is in very good shape and I would like to know what the various markings on the base mean

they are  75 DEC   MA.i^  131l^  14   Su    Ln

thanks for your help

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Hello, Brad - The "75 DEC" means "75 DE CAMPAGNE" and roughly translates to "75mm field gun," "14" indicates the year (1914) of manufacture, and "Ln" reveals that it was manufactured in Lyon (Parc d'Atillerie de Place de Lyon).  I do not know what the other markings mean, but other forum members probably will identify them.  A photograph of the base would help.  Regards, Torrey

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Just little precisions about this shell case:

75 DEC: 75 mm de Campagne

Ln: Parc d'artillerie de Lyon ( chargement des douilles)

MA.I: Manufacture d'ISSY (Fabrication de douille "Shell case")

131 L: Lot Nº131

14: 1914 (Date de fabrication du Lot 131)

S: Compagnie Française des Métaux, usine de Sérifontaine (Fabrique de laiton)

Best regards



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