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Australians in Serbia/Balkans World War 1


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Hi, I am part of a group researching Australians who served on the Balkan/Macedonian front during World War 1. 

We are identifying and contacting descendants and relatives of these Australians in order to obtain more information about their ancestors for a publication we wish to produce on their ancestors’ services and to alert them to a commemoration of the service of AIF soldiers and Australian volunteers, sometime in 2018 in conjunction with the Serbian Embassy in Canberra, Australia.


The Australians whose descendants and relatives we are trying to contact fall into seven groups numbering several hundred:

1.       Australian servicemen decorated by Serbia for service and actions as allies of Serbia

2.       Australian AIF troops who served on the Salonika (or “Balkan” or “Macedonian”) Front, especially with the 22nd and 24th battalions and Australian Remount Section

3.       Australian nurses who served on the Salonika Front

4.       Australians who served with British Forces on the Salonika Front

5.       Australian medical volunteers who served in Serbia or with the Serbian Army on the Salonika Front

6.       Australians who assisted the war effort through journalism and humanitarian aid

7.       Residents of Australia who volunteered to join the Serbian Army from Australia via an Australian Army campaign to enlist reinforcements for the Serbian Army 

If anyone can help me with anything , I would be very grateful. Thank you

Margaret Brown

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