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question about casualty form canadian soldier


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Good afternoon.  I'm going trough the militairy file of a canadian soldier.  But not everything is clear to me.
I marked the things I do not understand with a yellow marker in the image. Can someone help me to transcribe te 3 items ?

Best regards from the sunny Belgium.

He was wounded at Mount Sorrel in June 1916.   I found out that the casualty form is not always in chronological order.
I think the 2nd line comes before the 1ste line.

(line 2) he is taken from  ??C   to CCS #10   (could this be G15C, a map reference ?  
(line 1) : he is transfered to a.T.   (could this be ambulance train (hospital train)?, as next day he is in General Hospital #4 in France, and the only way to get there in a short time is by train).

(line 5) : taken to strenght "A"   (what does this "A" means ?   Googling learned me it might be "class A" or "classified class A", but that doesn't help me very much)


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I would read it something like this:


G.15.C  ....  transferred to Casualty Clearing Station (This could be the G.15.C which is a location at Busseboom, SE of Poperinghe)


10 Casualty Clearing Station ... transferred to Ambulance Train


admitted 4 General Hospital


to Base Depot, Etaples


taken on strength Canadian Base Depot ... the "A" could be "A" Company of the depot


left for unit.


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C.B.D  is  Canadian Base Details (as from extract from other casualty form in the same militairy file)


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