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Wire Cutting


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I'm no expert but I read somewhere that the 2" toffee apple mortar was quite effective at clearing wire and have seen some figures on how many it took to clear so many m2 of wire. The 106 graze fuze was particularly effective at wire cutting as it detonated the shell on contact and was used from spring 1917 onwards. Those are the effective British weapons that I'm aware of.

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Thanks SRD,

The reason I am asking is that I am posting a topic in the Salonika and the Balkans sub forum on the first battle of Doiran which began 100 years ago today with wire cutting. The artillery available were:

6 inch guns

6 inch howitzers

60 pounders

4.5 inch howitzers

18 pounders

My assumption would be that the 18 pounders would be used for wire cutiing.

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The AEF brought some 50 of their copy/improved securing system 6-inch Newton mortar to France, to be used for destroying German barbed-wire.  Never seen any report as how effective it was.  Also would like to know what fuse they used, so I could perhaps find one for my projectile.

New 3.2

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It was the Fuze Percussion No. 110 MKIII. Apparently!

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