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HM Submarine E7

Nick Field

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I'm looking for ANY information and any living relatives of the crew of HM Submarine E7, lost in the Dardanelles. My Great Grandfather was Herbert Macklin, the Chief ERA onboard at the time of her loss and I am also in touch with the relative of ERA Asher Coates. In the photo, Herbert is seated on the ground while Asher is seated far right. We hope to find more relatives of the crew, more photos of them and more information of their experience as prisoners of war in, I believe, Belemedik PoW camp in southern Turkey and their work on the Berlin to Baghdad railway. Any information would be greatly received.


Nick Field



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Echoes From The Deep – wrecks of the Dardanelles campaign [ISBN 978-975-6959-70-1 published in Istanbul 2013] has four pages 180-183 on E-7, including four underwater photographs of the wreck which lies at a depth of 42m. There is also a lengthy quote (in English) from the account of the German naval Lieutenant-Commander Wossidlo plus a photograph and details of the Turk who made the anti-submarine net. E-7 was the only sub caught in such a fashion in the Dardanelles.


edit to add a further photo' from the IWM collection http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205263386

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Thankyou for that! I've just had a quick look for the book and I saw Savas Karakas's name. I was in contact with him a few years ago, he said he had dived E7. How I would like to see it! So, now to find a copy of the book!

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Hi Nick

Are you still interested in the E7 if so I can give you details of this sub & crew from launch to its sinking.  

AJJ Submariners E7.jpg

Arthur James Jackman 6.jpg     Arthur Jackman

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